Vandalism rates spike during the holidays. Get protected. There’s steps you can take to keep your holidays worry free.

This Holiday Downer Can Be Prevented

The holiday season is a wonderful time; families gather together, take trips and decorate their homes. It’s a season for celebrating, but the holidays have also become a major time for vandalism with crime rates increasing over 20% beginning with Halloween. So, what can we do?

Tips for Handling Holiday Vandalism.

  1. Check Both Your Policies. Often times, people forget about vandalism coverage altogether, or will only get it for one of the two major policies, Homeowners or Auto. Both are important, and if vandalism isn’t included standard, you should find out your options. Understand the details including what constitutes vandalism, deductible amounts, and whether your coverage can cover common replacements or repair.

  2. Place Decorations Strategically. Keep larger more expensive decorations closer to the home and in view from a window. Secure lights by weaving them in fencing, using lighting hooks, or wrapping them in trees. Keep hanging decorations out of reach, and if possible display smaller decorations from inside.

  3. Protect the Regular Stuff. It isn’t just seasonal items that get vandalized. Move breakables like large pots and planters closer to the home and in view, or put them away. Make sure motion-activated lighting is functioning properly especially near vehicles parked outside.
  4. Let Technology Help You. If you have a security system, take advantage of modern camera features like motion activation or 24 hour recording. You can even have a camera installed in your doorbell. Don’t forget about dash cams for your vehicles. These cameras can be monitored right from your smart device.

    That being said, don’t forget about the sign. Most security systems come with a lawn sign for display. It may not be technology, but it’s proven effective at deterring vandals and burglars. 

  5. Join or Start a Neighborhood Watch. Find out if your community has a neighborhood watch. Attend your next meeting and find out how you can participate. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a watch, take the initiative to start one. Active and mindful communities can help each other year round. 

Follow the steps above, and keep your holiday celebrations worry free. Homeowners and Auto Insurance policies can protect you in all kinds of situations, including vandalism.