Peace of Mind When Your New Driver is Behind the Wheel

You have enough to worry about when your Teen Driver is ready to get behind the wheel. GGB Insurance Services can give you peace of mind when your teen gets on the open road.

Peace of Mind Even When You're NOT Behind the Wheel

This month, we at GGB Insurance Services focused on Auto Insurance and getting the right coverage. We started with the factors that affect your coverage options, not to mention your monthly fees. We also showed you what happens (and what you can do) when mistakes happen; accidents, moving violations, even DUIs.

Now, we want to talk about one of our favorites – Teen Drivers.

3 Discounts for Your Teen Driver

With all the concerns you already have when your teen starts driving, the last thing you want to worry about is insurance (and its price tag). Balancing the right coverage and often higher costs can be difficult. Here are three discounts to find out about.

  • Good Student – Some insurers will provide a discount if your teen maintains or exceeds a certain Grade Point Average (GPA) or if they are within a top percentile of their class. A responsible student is more likely to be a responsible driver.
  • Driving Student or School – Some insurers will provide a lower cost if your teen has completed a program from one of their accepted Driving Schools. This provides both the benefit of a discount and the security of knowing your new driver has passed a professionally qualified road safety course.
  • Returning/Renewing Customer – This one is not as obvious. For existing auto customers whose policies are up for renewal, insurers will give a discount to customers who add a driver at the time of renewal. This discount is based upon having stayed with an insurer for a minimum number of years and whether or not your policy is up for renewal.

Don’t forget, things like your vehicle model and year, credit score and previous claims will also affect your coverage price. Of course, find out if making coverage adjustments or increasing your deductable can help keep monthly costs down.